"I had jag pr to do it all for me"

~ Christian Bates - Osteopath & Naturopath - Perrymount Clinic

Do you know how to negotiate better rates on adverts? Do you know where to place that ad for more exposure? Do you know how to write a great press release and copy for the ad and even a voice over piece for a radio advert? How about getting a professional response you have written to a press question on four national websites in one day. Well I didn’t, but then I had Ann of jag press & publicity do it all for me!

Thank you Ann for your fantastic, professional and knowledgeable service. What I most liked about your approach was that the advertising and publicity you helped me with was targeted and had purpose, I didn’t feel that I was just spending money on adverts randomly without any thought behind them. Which was my previous approach!

Thank you Ann for your helping me in my first year of opening  the Sussex-based Perrymount Clinic.”

jag press & publicity – vision

jag adds value to all the organisations and individuals it works with by bringing to each client the consultancy skills needed to provide direction and clarity in their communication objectives. [...]

~ Ann Grain
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