Events: 10 Regional PD Workshops

Department of Health National Personality Disorder Programmejag press & publicity is working with the Department of Health Mental Health division developing a communication strategy to raise awareness and embed the national Personality Disorder programme. Ann Grain is also drawing up a stakeholder engagement plan. Alongside this jag has recently co-coordinated a series of 10 regional workshops and is planning the first National Personality Disorder Congress taking place in November 09.

Personality Disorder (PD) presents many faces across society. When human development is disrupted or disturbed, the psychological, social and economic consequences can touch every part of the individual’s life, with repercussions for families, communities and society in general. Some people may struggle with alienated and chaotic lives, asking little of public services. Others may use a range of services (perhaps for substance misuse, or self-harm or criminality) to little benefit. Recognising and understanding the complex nature of PD, and responding effectively, is a growing concern for public services (

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jag adds value to all the organisations and individuals it works with by bringing to each client the consultancy skills needed to provide direction and clarity in their communication objectives. [...]

~ Ann Grain
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