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We have hit the ground running at jag pr this week – learning all about colloidal silver and its benefits whilst writing the copy for a new website we are working on for our clients Optimised Energetics. Also we are writing extensively about the body’s PH balance and the importance of alkaline water!

More and more, people are looking not only for ways to cure illness and disease but also for ways to prevent illness and disease from occurring in the first place. Whilst the NHS is doing its best to place themselves at the cutting edge (despite all the cuts), they are still treating a problem once it has become a problem.

But isn’t it better to avoid disease/illnesses and what can we do to avoid what we feel is the unavoidable? Surprisingly, the solution does lie in our hands and is sitting there at the end of our forks.

The food choices are the first and most powerful line of defence against illness.

The real problem is that our modern diet has shifted the body out of balance, tipping the balance towards a highly acidic – thus highly disease promoting – way of life.

The first stop towards our goal is to understand how to bring the acidity in our body back in check and then maintain it!

If you want to know more about this whole topic, why not visit www.colloidalsilverplus.co.uk while we write the copy for the new site and then visit that. We will keep you posted.

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