CaAPA website: ‘amazing work’ by jag press & publicity

CaAPA logo


It’s another great success for jag press & publicity with the launch of the new website for the London-based Catholic Association of Performing Arts (CaAPA).

CaAPA approached jag with a view to refreshing their online presence.  The existing five page website was functional, but after discussion we were able to suggest a fresh approach, increase the number of pages to cover a range of content and provide greater functionality.

Recognising the need for a clear visual cue, we adapted the original logo concept; colour coded the logo and main menu sections and included a slider on the home page, a must for any new website.

The greatest satisfaction for jag comes when a client is pleased with the work and CaAPA has been delighted!  Their postings on Facebook and Twitter have highlighted jag’s ‘amazing work…recreating CaAPA’s image online’ – ‘we particularly love the section colour coding on our new ‘baby’ – CaAPA website.’

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