Bowen Asthma Clinic

Timescale: July 09 – August 09

Bowen Asthma ClinicThe popular Surrey-based Bowen Clinic, run by Gillian La Haye for the last 15 years, was scheduled to open a new clinic to specifically treat asthma and other respiratory conditions. Although Bowen therapists treat the person not the condition, La Haye was breaking with that rule in order to spread the word about the enormous effectiveness of Bowen Technique at getting to the root of asthma and hugely reducing the misery and discomforts, not to say fear and anxiety, suffered by those whose lives are badly affected by a family member with asthma.


  1. Launch phase 1 of the media strategy to create awareness locally of the new afternoon clinic.
  2. To start to spread the word that Bowen works quickly and efficiently in very few treatments to relieve and eliminate asthma.
  3. Encourage those suffering with asthma or other respiratory conditions to contact the clinic.
  4. To support the launch and growth of the new clinic long-term.

PR Strategy:
Target specific local newspapers. Begin to establish long-term relationships with local journalists interested in health issues.

Issue a short release announcing the opening of the clinic. Subsequently issue a diary date followed by a final press release. All local journalists were also contacted by phone.

Measurement and evaluation:
The Surrey Comet and Kingston Guardian ran positive pieces in the week of the launch.

Enquiries have started to come in to the clinic and subsequent appointments have been made. The Bowen asthma clinic is also beginning to create a profile with key local press.

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