Body Elements – Liquid Silica Supplement


It is well known and proven that with age, the levels of Silica decline in our bodies. In our youth, our tissues, bones and joints absorb and maintain high levels of silica and as a consequence our bodies remain flexible and resilient and heal readily. Core Elements took jag pr on to support them in creating awareness of the importance of Silica in the diet as well as to mastermind the launch of theĀ  liquid silica food supplement Body Elements into the UK market.


1. Raise brand recognition in well defined stages
2. Highlight liquid Silicon as a viable alternative to recommended treatments such as glucosamine
3. Generate press coverage
4. Support increased product distribution
5. Drive sales

Measurement and evaluation:

The launch of Body Elements is expected later this year. jag has developed a raft of information/materials to use in publicity, printed and online, drafted a media strategy, a timeline and a selection of press releases and is developing Body Elements’ online presence.

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