How to Save on Fuel this Bank Holiday

West Sussex County Times

(Significant savings can be made with a little forward thinking behind the wheel)

The Brighton and Central Sussex Group of Advanced Motorists has responded to the planned fuel hike by putting together some tips to help motorists cut their regular fuel bills.

With many families undertaking round trips as much as 500 miles long, it’s important to make each litre last longer with good journey planning and forward thinking behind the wheel.

Chris Belton the Group’s Chair says: “A rise as little as 1p per litre will quickly add up. Simple measures such as looking well ahead and slowing down earlier instead of always using the brakes to slow down can make a real difference.

A smoother driving style is the single best eco-driving tip. Good economical driving starts with safer driving and anticipation.” Other money saving tips from the Brighton and Central Sussex Group include:

  • Sticking to 70mph, instead of 80mph, can save around four pence per mile.
  • A smooth driving style as opposed to an aggressive one has been estimated to save 15 per cent fuel consumption.
  • An empty car roof box can increase fuel consumption by 20 per cent on a motorway – if it’s not needed, don’t take it
  • Correct tyre pressure reduces wear and helps fuel economy. Under-inflated tyres are unsafe, need replacing more often (an environmental problem in itself) and can increase fuel consumption by five per cent. Check the pressure is right and that they are damage-free
  • Plan your route in advance: continuous, smooth driving on uncongested routes is always more economical, even if they are longer
  • Remember to switch off the air con and heated windows when they aren’t needed. Used together these can increase fuel consumption by 15 per cent.
  • Take the unnecessary baggage out of your boot – the added weight will affect your fuel efficiency.

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