Arlington Bluebell Wood is a sea of white anemones

Before the bluebells ... a carpet of white anemones

Before the bluebells … a carpet of white anemones

The woods at Arlington Bluebell Walk , in East Sussex, are a vision in white … the stunning anemones are out!

Our clients are still waiting for the bluebells to make an appearance … but warmer weather permitting,  it won’t be long now before the sea of white becomes a carpet of blue and white. And then hopefully in early May, the English bluebells will take over!

We are looking forward to it!

A visit to Bluebell Walk is one of the greatest pleasures springtime can offer lovers of the Sussex countryside. For 41 years the woodland walk, near Hailsham, has offered one of the most spectacular displays of English bluebells you can find anywhere in the UK, and this year’s crop won’t disappoint (although the weather is in charge of course!).

Just to pass the time of day while we wait for the bluebells … here are some unusual facts about the protected species:

1. In the Bronze Age, people used bluebell glue to attach feathers to their arrows

2. The Victorians used the starch from crushed bluebells to stiffen the ruffs of their collars and sleeves

3. Bluebell sap was used to bind pages to the spines of books

4. Legend also says that a field of bluebells is intricately woven with fairy enchantments

5. Bees can ‘steal’ nectar from bluebells by biting a hole in the bottom of the bell, reaching the nectar without pollinating the flower.

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