Are you making the most of your Facebook fan page?

How are you getting on with the new Facebook fan page layout? Is your brand marketing taking full advantage of it? The changes require us all to think about our branding strategy!

Facebook’s new layout now gives you over two-thirds of the screen to shout about your brand  – basically the left hand column and central column on your Facebook wall is yours to manage to best visual and ‘messaging’ advantage. It greatly expands the branding possibilities for your business. Opportunity for branding on Facebook

So we thought at jag we would give a couple of top tips to help you create a Facebook presence that is more fully branded. And we hope to do this in English and not geek speak.

1. Your profile pic – it occupies the power corner on the left – so make sure you have the right image there. It could be your mug shot or a logo … whatever you feel works best.  To change the image just put your cursor over it and click ‘change picture’.

2. Photo strip – immediately to the right of the profile pic – make sure these images work with the profile pic .. and don’t forget they shuffle around every time the page is loaded … so ensure all 5 ‘tell the same story’. It’s an opportunity to be creative. To add images, click the ‘photo’ tab and then upload as many as you want. Facebook also gives you the opportunity to comment about the image … another opportunity to ‘talk’ to your audiences.

3. Last but not least … the thumbnail. The thumbnail is the image that accompanies all your posts/comments … it is your mini logo. The thumbnail only shows a section of your profile picture – so make sure it shows the right section!

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