Are you an IE user and do you have a lower than average IQ?

On we this week posed a question – we wanted to know which subject you wished us to tackle in our first jag jabber blog. The majority of you replied you wanted us to kick start a discussion on the subject: ‘Internet Explorer users have a lower than average IQ, research says. True?’

This story has an interesting twist – it broke on 3.8.11 and later on that same day it was revealed it was not as it seems – the same websites that ran the original story announced that this sorry tale was a hoax.

What concerns us here at jag pr is: the story was written and published and only after that does it appear it was checked for accuracy. Why? Were we not taught as journalists that you check your facts before you go to print?

This story could have done IE a lot of damage – as it happens it probably did not – but nevertheless, it had the potential to. According to  The Drum IE users had threatened to sue.

What do you think about this story? Is it that journalism needs to be better policed or is that the internet is simply an outlaw that cannot be stopped?

By the way, here at jag we use Firefox!


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