A great result following our complaint to the BBC

We are delighted with the response we have received from a local BBC radio station. Read our blog of October 31, 2011.

They replied to our email swiftly which is always a good sign. They added that they had listened to the interview themselves and said they completely agreed with the points we raised about the interview and they would like me to pass on their deepest apologies to our client for the way the interview was handled.

The producer said she felt the interview was pretty close to being in breach of the stations code of conduct and the whole team would like to apologise for the insensitive questions that were asked. She explained it is never their intention to upset any partners they work with and they pride themselves on highlighting serious issues, such as personality disorder, so they can bring these issues to the attention of others who may be suffering in silence.

In our email we requested a repeat interview as way of apology …as a result the local station would very much like to get our client back on at some point to explain, in a much more sensitive manner, the issues surrounding personality disorder so these can be highlighted in a way that works with the objectives of Emergence.

I think they call this a result! Thank you BBC.

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