10 ways to make your story newsworthy

Get newsworthy

Get newsworthy

Got a story to tell? Great!  Not getting any interest?  Not so great. Time to take the newsworthy test.

Whether tackling your own PR, or buying in PR services to get you noticed, the key component to attracting coverage is having a good story to tell. What you might think of as gripping, however, may attract ne’er a peep. So what can you do?

The media are generally interested in things that are new (there’s a reason it’s called news), things that are unexpected or things that will resonate with their readers. Journalists will look for a story’s importance, its human interest and its topicality.

To make your story news, you need a ‘hook’ – an angle that is topical and interesting enough to make people want to read more than just the headline. Unfortunately, the most popular news stories often involve a tragedy, a political mishap or a celebrity, but don’t let that deter you.  Build the right hook for your story, sell it into the right place, and they will come (apologies Field of Dreams fans).

Support a good cause

Support a good cause

Find your newsworthy angle

To make sure your story is newsworthy, you could:

  • Support a good cause
  • Produce a piece of research – it doesn’t need to cost you anything
  • Tap into national trends/tie your story into an existing one
  • Use a local celebrity/politician to get attention
  • Give your story a human face
  • Provide an interesting quote
  • Use imagery to get your story across. Be visually exciting
  • Be quirky/unusual; devise a creative stunt
  • Use events and activities of interest to local and trade media
  • Be weird!

There are never any guarantees in PR, but to give your ‘news’ a chance, try to humanise it.  People and their stories generate headlines, not things.  So find your angle and get newsworthy.

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