5 ways to improve your bottom line using PR

jag press & publicity’s guest blog on the Sussex Enterprise website is now live and is all about 5 ways to improve your bottom line using PR. Here are a few bullet points which might help you:

Here are 5 ways to improve your bottom line using PR:

  1. Joined up communication – say the same thing internally and externally … consistency is the key to building a reputation on both sides of the fence. In practical terms: what are your key messages?
  2. Put in place an on-going, planned media strategy to reach your local, trade and national media (if appropriate) – it is one of the most useful ways to communicate with all audiences at the same time and create a profile. In practical terms: do you have a media strategy with a timeline of activity for 2012?
  3. Put in place a strategic, co-ordinated social media strategy and make sure it is part of 2 above – it is a powerful tool which is ignored at your peril. In practical terms: Do you have a Twitter or Facebook presence but don’t know what to do with it?
  4. Build strategic alliances with key opinion formers or other organisations – this will also shape how others perceive your business. These relationships, for example with a local charity, can help add credibility to your business or show a more human side. In practical terms: Who are your strategic alliances and when was the last time you helped each other?
  5. Lobbying – some organisations build their identity by calling on decision makers to bring about change that will benefit their members or customers. In practical terms: Do you have a strategy to communicate with your key opinion formers?

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