12 comms tips for Christmas 2013

As we all head off for Crimbo it can be easy to think just because the office lights are off and the doors locked until January (for a lot of us), that it’s the last time we have to think about our brands and organisations this year.

Sorry folks but brands still exist over Christmas and it’s important we keep up the hard work we have put in all year so no-one has to clean up a big mess in 2014.

Have a read through our 12 comms tips for Christmas to make sure you can be reached and to ensure you are still getting noticed over the break … why not tick them off and see how prepared you really are?

Yes, we know our 12 days of Christmas doesn’t rhyme – come on, we are not poets or musicians!

One Email out of office – Don’t forget to put your out of office on and include alternative contact details for over the holidays. If your office is shut make sure everyone knows who is ‘on call’.

Two Phones diverted – Divert the office phones or provide an alternative phone number for anyone who urgently needs to speak to you. It’s always best to provide two numbers just in case of any problems. You will kick yourself if your client is left out of the big story in the New Year because a journalist couldn’t get hold of anyone.

Three Fail-safe lists – Make sure those who are responsible for running things while the office is closed have the right contact lists. Provide them with a list of your clients, the relevant contact, any key journalists you might need to speak to and any supplier numbers you might need in case of any issues. Also make sure your clients, suppliers etc know who from your company is contactable.

Four Dongles dongling – Do you have internet access where you’re going? Make sure those team members who need it, have it. Even if it means providing a device for them.

Five Calling birds – If you have any stories to sell-in while the office is closed does everyone in the team know who should be calling who? Make sure responsibilities are clear so journalists aren’t contacted by five different people about the same story.

Six Facebookers Facebooking– Has someone been put in charge of updating Facebook over Christmas? Make sure any teams updating know their roles and how often they are expected to be posting. People are likely to be using Facebook over Christmas so make sure you keep your followers engaged with interesting and relevant material. 

Seven Typists typing – if relevant, have you got stories prepared for the Christmas week? This is a very slow news time so it is a golden opportunity to get in there with some great surveys or interesting stories. Many news desks will have out of hours cover so make sure your team have the right lists to get in touch with the right journos.

Eight Website watchers – make sure your website is also kept up to date with the latest news and any stories you are sending out. You don’t want to waste all that hard work you have spent on SEO over the year.

Nine Tweepers tweeting –Don’t just focus on Facebook – keep the social media world up to date with Tweets. Remember these can be scheduled before you go away for Christmas, leaving you with less work to do over the holidays. Also you can link the two so both are updated at the same time.

Ten Bloggers blogging – Don’t forget to update your blog over the holidays too if you can. This will also help with your website SEO and keep people updated about what you’re up to over Christmas. It might be you have some funny stories to share when you get back to the office so why not keep a record and post them on the blog and share them when you get back to work. 

Eleven Monitors monitoring – Try and keep on top of any relevant news. It might not directly affect any of your clients but it could be relevant for the sector, or just an interesting quip for your blog or social media.

Twelve PR’s partying – If you stick to the list above this should keep you on top of things over the festive season and leave you with even more time to party and enjoy Crimbo!

Hope our ‘baubles of wisdom’ are helpful.  All there is left to say is … Have Yourselves a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

jag team

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