jag’s 10 top PR tips for charities

Social media buttonsWith clients working in the charity sector, we know, at jag, how difficult it can be for non-profit organisations to get the publicity they seek whilst sticking to a tight budget. Charities operating on a shoestring may feel limited by their finances, but there are many activities which any organisation can undertake to get their PR up and running. The most important thing is to exploit every opportunity as it arises.
These 10 top PR tips for charities should help you focus your efforts.

jag’s 10 top PR tips for charities

1. Plan ahead: Map out your campaigns for the next 12/18/24 months. Identify how you can attach yourself to holidays, awareness weeks and special events.

2. Update your case studies: Powerful stories about people who have benefited from your work are vital in communicating your message and demonstrating your impact.

3. Use online networking: Building relationships online can help you get involved in important conversations, distribute information quickly and raise funds more efficiently. Get tweeting and posting!

4. Comment: If you see an article online that connects with your charity, post a comment. Take the opportunity to get your message across and raise your charity’s profile.

5. Be visual: Video and good quality photographs are more immediate than any words.

6. Invest time in digital and social media: The time and effort required to ‘work’ social media will be to your benefit. Keep track of keywords and hashtags and piggyback off key trends. Use something like Hootsuite to keep you informed. Ask your supporters to repeat your messages. Use LinkedIn to connect with relevant companies and don’t forget YouTube.

7. Write letters: No, it’s not an antiquated medium! Letters pages are among the most popular in many publications and strong but informed opinions tend to get printed.

8. Be an expert: Establish yourself as a credible expert on an issue and be available to comment at a moment’s notice should a journalist need a quote.

9. Look locally: Local media are always interested in local events/stories. With more people reading their local newspaper than a national, relationships with your local and regional journalists are key.

10. Find pro bono support: You can find agencies that are willing to provide some of their time and expertise for free. Currently, jag is working with the Virtual Doctor Project, a charity which provides telemedicine support in Zambia. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

If you’re a charity looking for some PR advice to get you started or back on track, contact Ann Grain on 01403 793836/07861376844 for a free half hour consultation.

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